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Senior Care Services Can Help You Take Care Of Your Body In Cary, NC

Find out how our senior care services in Cary, NC can help you take care of your body and stay healthy

Active seniors tend to be healthier, happier, and enjoy an improved quality of life. Staying active also increases the chances that you will be able to life independently and safely age in place. As we age, our bodies do not always cooperate the way we'd like them to. Staying physically active can help the body maintain strength, flexibility, and vigor. Comfort Keepers strives to help you maintain their physical health through their trademarked Interactive Caregiving model of senior care services.

Signs that you may need assistance with everyday living tasks include:

  • The obvious – you are unable to perform one or more daily living tasks.
  • Frustration with tasks that were once simple
  • Feeling worn out at the end of the day and/or experiencing less energy during the day
  • Forgetting important activities like taking medications
  • Losing interest in activities that used to bring enjoyment

Comfort Keepers’ in home caregivers can provide the needed supports and services so you can safely remain at home while getting the help you need with daily living activities. More than that, however, Comfort Keepers’ caregivers help you stay active. With Interactive Caregiving, you are encouraged to play as large of a role as possible in your own daily activities. This not only stresses independence and freedom, but it helps maintain muscles, dexterity, and flexibility. Plus, it does wonders for one's self-esteem and feelings of self worth.

Senior care services can also help you maintain physical health by assisting with an exercise program, helping with daily walks, preparing nutritious meals, and so forth. By focusing on physical health, caregivers help increase activity levels, which, in turn, lead to improved muscle tone, flexibility, and balance.

Having a healthy body also reduces the risk of falls, increases the strength of the immune system, and increases your ability to remain independent.

For more information on the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy body or to find out more about the many ways that Comfort Keepers’ senior care services can help you, contact a care coordinator today. 

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