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Home Health Care Services & Safety Products For Peace Of Mind In Cary, NC

Find out how home health care services and safety products can provide security to your loved one in Cary, NC

In many cases, the assistance from a caregiver may not be enough. Home health care services can provide safety systems that allow you to rest assured that your loved one safe at all times. Our SafetyChoice products provide home monitoring, medication management, and emergency response services to ensure safety.

Home Monitoring

If you need to make sure your loved one is out of harm’s way, our home monitoring systems can provide assistance. Comfort Keeper’s home monitoring systems are easy to install and can detect a wide variety of issues or activities. We provide:

  • Window and door alarms to determine if someone is entering or leaving the home
  • Bedside pressure mats to alert our response team when falls occur
  • Motion detectors to detect intruders or other unexpected movements
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that alert our response team in the event of emergencies around the house

Medication Management

If your loved one needs assistance managing their medication, Comfort Keepers of Cary is here to help. While our caregivers do not administer medications, our home health care services provide a number of options to serve the various needs of seniors. We can provide medication management with the following benefits:

  • Programmable dispensation systems that can remember prescription schedules even when unplugged.
  • As-needed medication can be released without risk of overdose
  • Automatic calls, texts, or e-mails in the event that a dosage is missed
  • Built-in power backups so medication can be dispensed during a power failure
  • Visual and audio alerts to indicate dispensing times

Emergency Response Services

In the event that your loved one has an emergency, Comfort Keepers has a 24/7 team available to provide help and alert the proper authorities. This emergency response team handles home monitoring alerts, and can also be contacted using simple safety bracelets or safety necklaces. At the push of a button, your loved one can open a 2-way line of communication with someone at our emergency response center. Our home health care services team can assess the situation and alert local emergency services such as fire and police departments.

Comfort Keepers Home Care provides senior care to the following areas of Wake County, NC:


1616 Evans Road, Suite 103, Cary, NC 27513

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