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In Home Care for Elderly Adults Includes Medication Reminders in Cary, NC

Comfort Keepers in home care for elderly services ensure seniors in Cary, NC take self-administered medications correctly

The importance of taking medications as prescribed cannot be overstressed. Problems may arise when senior adults have to take several medications per day, sometimes at different times and with specific food or water instructions. This can make it confusing for older adults to remember when and how to take their meds, which can have severe consequences on their health.

At Comfort Keepers, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to the well-being our seniors. That is why our in home care for elderly adults include medication reminders, a service vital to independent living in senior years. A professional care provider can assist your senior mom or dad with their medication use, making certain that they always take their medications on time and in the correct dosages.

Furthermore, providers of in home care for elderly adults can perform additional tasks related to medication management. This might include activities such as picking up and delivering prescription medication from the nearby pharmacy, informing your loved one’s medical team about the efficiency of their treatment or making sure that your parent never runs out of medication at home.

Although in home care for elderly adults can offer valuable assistance with medication management, we do understand that some seniors feel more comfortable when they are able to take their medications independently or with the help and supervision of a family caregiver. Even if this is the case with your loved one, Comfort Keepers can still help.

We provide various safety products and technology solutions that can allow your loved one to sort out, store, and take all their medication without anyone’s help. Our medication safety and medication management solutions include the following products - Pill Dispenser, Tab Safe, and MedMinder. Each product is easy to use, designed to prevent medication errors that could otherwise harm your parent.

If you would like to learn more about our in home care for elderly services or are interested in our medication management products, please call our Cary, NC, office today.

We can answer any question you might have, schedule a free in-home consultation to assess your loved one’s care needs or demonstrate how our products can help seniors. Comfort Keepers are happy to help! 

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