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Comfort Keepers Offers Quality 24 Hour Home Care In Wake Forest, NC

Some seniors need assistance just a few times a week, others may require a comprehensive 24 hour home care plan that can support independence, provide additional safety at home, and allow seniors to continue their accustomed routine.

If your senior mom or dad needs round the clock care or if you are worried that they may fall and injure themselves at night, our customizable 24 hour home care may be an ideal solution. There are many situations in which you might feel better knowing that your loved one is in safe hands at all times.

Seniors who have sleep apnea, a condition characterized by frequent pauses in breathing during sleep, or suffer from insomnia, the inability to easily fall asleep, can benefit from the presence of a professional caregiver 24/7. The same goes for older adults with limited mobility or impaired balance and coordination. A loving caregiver can provide assistance not just during the day but also throughout the night, making sure that your senior mom or dad has everything they need in case they wake up or cannot sleep.

Seniors who are awake at night due to pain or are recovering after hospitalization may also need 24 hour home care. In this case, an expert caregiver can boost recovery and prevent further health problems or complications. A caregiver can also provide medication reminders, which can be useful for seniors who take several prescribed medications throughout the day.

Older adults with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia-related condition may also require non-stop care, especially if they are in the advanced stages. A devoted caregiver can help calm them down if they get upset or angry during the night, also making sure that they do not wander outside the house. A professional 24 hour home care provider can enhance home safety as well, suggesting senior safety and security devices or fall-proofing strategies.

Finally, even those seniors who may not require round the clock care because of a medical condition can lead healthier, happier lives with 24/7 care. Having someone around the house non-stop can prevent senior isolation, anxiety, and even depression. In addition to offering conversation and companionship, a professional caregiver can help increase your loved one’s confidence and independence, allowing them to lead a high-quality lifestyle.

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