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In Home Caregiver for Seniors with Dementia in Apex, NC

Dementia is a difficult, debilitating disorder. Not only is dementia something that is hard for the individual affected, but it is also hard on family and friends to see their loved one affected in such a way. As the symptoms of dementia worsen, the affected senior is likely to need more and more assistance in their day to day life. However, that individual may still wish to remain in their own home if at all possible, which is where Comfort Keepers of Cary, NC comes into the picture.

There are a variety of symptoms which will gradually affect a person suffering from dementia. This condition is associated with memory loss, which is certainly one of the most common signs. There are others, however, including an inability to focus on a task, a loss of reasoning and judgment, and failing visual perception. If these symptoms appear in your senior loved one, you will need to seek medical care to have a full evaluation completed. As symptoms worsen, Comfort Keepers can offer a variety of dementia care services, such as an in home caregiver. Our friendly and caring team will work hard to make sure your loved one in Apex, NC gets the care he or she needs and deserves.

Located near the thriving city of Raleigh, Apex, NC is a beautiful city and one of the best places in all of North Carolina to live. Seniors who have called Apex home for a period of time are certainly going to want to remain there if at all possible. For those with dementia specifically, it can be helpful to remain in familiar surroundings, which is why retaining the services of an in home caregiver can be so helpful. Comfort Keepers of Cary, NC serves seniors in and around Apex to ensure they have the care they need on a daily basis.

The dementia care offered by Comfort Keepers can take on a variety of forms. In mild cases, it may only be necessary to offer services such as transportation, medication management, and meal preparation. As symptoms advance, our in home caregiver team can also provide care such as mobility assistance and personal hygiene. To get started creating a care plan for your senior loved one in Apex, NC, contact Comfort Keepers of Cary, NC right away. We look forward to your call. 

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